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Our Very Own Local Legend

Udonis Haslem is not dispensable. I repeat, UD is indispensable to our organization. He does the stuff nobody wants to do. But I’m going to stop just short of calling him a grunt.

When I hear about UD leaving, I get upset. Why is this guy so under-appreciated here? He comes down here and signs for less money a few years ago, if I’m not mistaking. But when the Heat draft another power forward 2nd overall and then sat him for hence draft, at no time did I hear him complain.

I’m not saying he is the greatest power forward ever. I’m just saying he is the greatest power forward to ever play in the number 40 jersey for the Miami Heat. He should remain here to be that inspiring local legend that made it to the big time in his hometown.

No, he’s not going to put up all-star numbers game in and game out but he is the head cornerstone of a strong bench in my opinion. I don’t think it gets thought of very often, but I think UD could start for at least ten of the other teams out there. With this hardnosed player on our bench and not starting for someone else, we are not only better defensively on second string but team chemistry is always better off with a guy like him on it.

I don’t know what would happen if I put it to the fans, but aside from the understandably obligatory Dwyane Wade answer, UD would get my vote for my favorite player on the squad. Read again, I said other than D-Wade who is your favorite player? My answer will be for the foreseeable future, Udonis Haslem.

Grit, determination, bold blocks and strong defense are all things I associate with UD when thinking of his past performances. I don’t think I have ever seen him take a play off either. If ownership balks and lets him walk I will definitely attend fewer games. Ohhh wait, I can only afford to go to three or four as it is, unless I win them from 790am The Ticket.

Udonis will be the cornerstone of the bench for our future championships if we can retain his services through next year. Remember, the Heat only have like three players under contract next year, so we may have an entirely different squad on the hardwood next season. Let’s just hope the heat value him enough to offer him a good contract that will make him think twice if he was contemplating leaving. I’ve seen 3 years 10 million thrown around but I have no clue as to where that would put us in the chase for the top tier free-agents this off-season. So if they don’t offer him a large contract I’m hoping he still loves his home and team enough to take the hometown discount again.

Steve Cochran II


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  1. I am really looking forward to the next season. I was pretty disappointed with their performance this season, but hey, I guess it gives us something to look forward to. Great article!