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Slam Dunk Contest LOL

Did anyone else catch the all-star weekend? Yeah, neither did I. Well, I did watch a little of it. What a joke. I can’t remember the last time I saw such an irrelevant event. Oh yeah, the Pro-Bowl.

I mean come on; Nate Robinson is the first ever three time defending champ of the slam dunk contest. Can I request an asterisk on that record? And who in the world is DeMar DeRozan the guy who came in second? Seriously, I‘ve never heard of this cat before Saturday. And I watch a lot of sports. No offense to my man Gerald Wallace, he’s killing on my fantasy team, but where was the effort. I’m not very sure what NBA players do to warm up before a game but when it comes to a slam dunk contest I would imagine that shooting long twos and threes aren’t the most important thing to make sure you can hit. I’m just saying, how about a little sweat and effort out of the leftovers that do actually agree to participate in this joke.

Don’t even get me started on Daequan. I was truly hoping the three-point contest would light that fire under him and bring him out of this half a season long slump. But no, we can probably expect another half of .312 FG PCT. But maybe, just maybe he will take this first round embarrassment and use it as locker room material. We need someone to be a threat on the outside.

How bout MV3 getting the all-star MVP nod? No really, that was a question. I didn’t watch it. I just couldn’t do it. Too much going on and I also don’t really get worked up much for these types of events. Why even cover this? We all know he is one of the absolute best players in the game, so when I hear I missed an great performance, I don’t get proud of my guy. I already know he can do that.

It makes me sad, is what it does. He could do that night in and night out if he only had the talent around him like he does in Olympic years or all-star games. Okay that much talent is asking a lot, but you know what I mean.

Steve Cochran II


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  1. Heat needs to step up and hopefully the next season will be much better than this one.