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Will Dwyane Wade Leave?

I don't know about many of you out here in the land of the sun or elsewhere, but me, I'm scared D-Wade will be calling somewhere else his home next season. No, I don't have any personal incite that was shared to me in private but I do have the same gut feelings like most people. For some unknown reason I am afraid that MV3 is outta here.

Last time I had a gut feeling this strong I was in Atlanta, Ga. and it was spring training for the 2003 Marlins and my dad's best friend was getting married in Vegas. I have been a die hard Marlins fan for a long time and even after the Fire Sale of '98. I just didn't care what Huizenga did. He won all of us a World Series after only year four. After signing Uggie and I-Rod I was convinced they had the pitching and hitting to get the job done and when I realized my father was in the gambling mecca of the world I felt like taking my first foray into sports betting. I had never been one to predict who wins what but something about the roster tickled me pink.
I called my father up and told him how strongly I felt about the marlins and asked him to put down a measly 20$ bet on the marlins to win it all. He thought I was joking and probably a little stupid, but told me nevertheless that he would. The Odds of the marlins winning the World Series was astronomical. I tried to look it up to be exact but was unable to find anything. What made it even more amazing is I asked him to do this while spring training was still going on and I swear on my life the odds were somewhere around 200 to 1.

Well, I didn't think much about it until they ended up doing exactly as I predicted and won it all. I think we all know how this story ends. If you thought my father was being nice to get me off the phone and never ended up placing the bet, than you are right. I don't think I spoke to him for a few months after that. 20$ times 200. Can you freakin believe it. 4 Large off a 20$ bet.
That's why when I say that I am a little frightened that D-Wade will leave us, I actually believe the words coming out of my mouth. No, I don't want him to go anywhere so don't get me wrong. D-Wade is the absolute best thing to ever happen our organization. And if he goes he takes all the talent on our team with him.

We all know you can't win with just the regular ballers, you have two or three top tier talents to get anywhere. Two if you have a lot of really good backup ballers. And we don't.
At least we don't have many of those guys. Udonis and Joel Anthony are our only two great role players. You need a 2 point shot drained with a minute left, UD is the man. You want aggressive guy that will take the charge or swat the ball up court for a fast break with 7 seconds left, you put in Anthony. What about a 3 drained when we really need it? Can we count on Q. Rich or Daequan? No, we can't. What about that big to clog up the center freeing up the perimeter shot or the dude only looking to dish out assists to D-Wade.

We lack in many areas and I am not sure how many positions we can sure up before D-Wade says he has waited too long for us to turn this thing around. What good is going to do to sign Bosh if D-Wade already left? Wow, can we suck more than we already do? I hate to say it but I am not totally convinced Wade is in love with us anymore.

How can you blame him though? The people only show up to the games anymore when there is big name talent on the opposing team. Cleveland fans find a way to show up. Time and time again I watch the Cavs play mediocre teams and at least fill the areas the cameras pickup. That brings up another question. Do our surly fans who are quickly getting a bad reputation, no thanks to the Dolphin fan that spit on Jets head coach Rex Ryan three times according to Jay Glazer, even deserve his loyalty?

Man I am getting bad juju writing this article. Don't worry, I'll throw some salt over my right shoulder to counter act my bad vibes. If you people have any other methods of unjixing something let me know and I'll give it a try. No, I will not go without changing my underwear for a week or put on a pink thong like Jason Giambi.

Steve Cochran II


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  1. The future of the HEAT is for sure uncertin.Thank god im a rocket fan.As for the 200 to 1 odds you missed out on ( wow ) thats got to hurt but remember thats your dad and would you have really placed that bet yourself. Finaly, if things dont turn around with the fans your concerns about your teams direction are valid.Good luck to you and all true fans