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Heat @ Cavs

Who wants the Heat to go to the playoffs this year? Let me ask this, do you feel like getting your underwear set on fire the next time you pump gas? I didn’t think so. If we go to the playoffs the Heat will be going up against the big dogs, the apparent matchup being Miami at Cleveland. This will just be downright ugly and nothing good can come of it, nothing. Nobody in their right mind thinks Miami can beat the Cavs. I would imagine not even Dwyane Wade thinks they can do it.

Tell me, what is the harm in bowing out gracefully? Does squeaking into the playoffs really make D-Wade feel any better about the situation down here? No, it shouldn’t. If he really wants to stay he is just going to have to give Pat Riley enough time to shimmy and shake his magic.

All Riley needs to do is get that one big name out there. If he can get it done fast enough without stalling our roster should look good enough to prove we are going out there and getting D-Wade a team he can win hopefully a few championships with.

Many of the players on our current roster won’t be here next year and I know one we probably won't be keeping. We are paying Jermaine O’Neal twenty-three million this year. Whoa, whoa, whoa, we pay Jermaine twenty-three million? Seriously? All I can say is he got us. Got us good, Dwyane Wade is only making sixteen million.Question is, will we bring him back next year? If he doesn’t take a giant pay cut I don’t see it happening. But if the big man likes us enough and his knees continue to improve little by little I can see him doing some great things for us as a fourth or fifth option. He can still shoot and come through with some weak side blocks every now and then.

Who else though are we going to keep? James Jones is not really putting up the numbers anyone thought he would and it doesn’t look like the Heat will pick up his option for five million. I may be completely wrong though. He may just need better players around him to give him more time out there on the perimeter. We have to keep Chalmers at least one more year. His option is only around eight hundred grand. With one more offseason he should work out of this sophomore slump.

That’s it, no more, adios muchachos. Other than Michael Beasley and Daequan Cook no one else is under contract. Dwyane Wade has an eighteen mil player option but I am sure he will demand a new contract. And he deserves every penny, so cough it up Micky Arison. Otherwise I will sell my stock in Carnival Cruise Lines. Ummm, I don’t have any stock but my grandparents have pension money and I will tell them to go to Royal Caribbean. Not enough to scare you? Well that’s all I got. Just open up your five billion dollar checkbook and buy Dwyane Wade a private island.

On a side note how great was that fro Beasley sported last month. I love how this guy is so cool he comes out with a different hair cut every month. Dude, how funny is this guy? I’ll go as far as saying Beasley might be the funniest player in the league. Now he just needs the chance to do a “Jim Rome Show” correspondence piece and put down a rap about Taco Bell. Did you see the Delonte West KFC rap?

Steve Cochran II



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