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Short and Sweet

Wow, Haslem is the man. I can’t tell you how big of a fan I am of his. No, that’s wrong, I can. I am as big of fan of him as I am of Dwayne Wade. So I could go out and write the normal thing about our star player but why? Everybody has done it already. I am not trying the same thing. How cliché am I? But I mean it. That’s why I wrote Our Very Own local legend, well not the only reason. Then Haslem has to go berserk in points, rebounds, visible leadership and overall presence and show everyone he is what I said he was.

Haslem’s resigning needs to be priority three right behind that big name acquisition and D. Wade this offseason. If anyone thinks different they need only ask Dwayne Wade, I would imagine. I guess though if you asked him the question straight up he might say Halsem was priority one (behind himself).

Joel Anthony is also starting to tickle my fan bone. Ha, I said bone. Man I love a nasty blocked shot. Just like Strikeouts are my favorite part of baseball, blocked shots are my favorite thing about basketball. Nothing gets me more into a game than a close contest and some stingy defense. I go out on the wing of a moving plane saying Joel is our seventh man of the year award recipient. No one comes off the bench other than Haslem and contributes as often and consistent as he does. I would sure love for him to stay around and continue to improve his game.

If I write another article or two about other players and they start performing as amazing as Haslem did it might start going to my head. I’ll start to real superstitious and only type at a certain time. Or go for days eating the same foods. Not to mention questionable hygiene practices. Haslem’s performance for the last two weeks has been nothing short of crazy. It’s as if a light went on in his head and he realized how to run people over more effectively. It could also be the favorable schedule was drawn to close out the year. Either way it has been a pleasure watching the Heat strive to improve their players even though they act like they think they can win this year.

Steve Cochran II



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