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Slice of Cake

I am not sure where this season is going for the Heat but I am starting to feel a little more confident in our ability to stand up next year and be counted. I may be a little premature in calling this season over but should I really be expected to get excited about an eighth playoff seed?

Why is there even that many teams allowed in the playoffs anyway? It's not like the eight seeds have historically been the hardest teams to bounce out of the playoffs. I would imagine they would almost always be the first losers out.

Why not change the playoffs? Everyone else gets to do it. Why not us? What would be the harm in shortening it to a three game series? How intense would the games be if only four teams were allowed from each conference? Much, much more, that's how much.

Just imagine how crazy a three game series would get. One opening loss and your teams hopes and dreams will be seen in the front their fans eye as devastated as slamming their new Porsche into a parking column. Parking column one. Silly car zero.

Yeah that’s right. I almost forgot about the money issue. The NBA would never consider shortening the series or lessen the amount of teams that get in because they would lose too much money. David Stern, I’m sure would not even consider it. Just like he never considers Jim Rome’s idea to cut losses and shut down the WNBA. Ladies, don’t get me wrong, I love you all but butch women aren’t hot. Wow, I’m sound real sexists. I’m not though and you’ll just have to trust me.

Anything we can do they can do better and Natalie Randolph third year wide receiver for the D.C. Divas is proving that. This 5’5, 125 lbs. women is believed to be by The Washington Post the only female on a high school coaching staff in the country. She is good looking, but scary too. I definitely want her on my side in a fight.

Sorry to my one fan out there for tapering my blog to twice a month on Tuesdays while another disappointing season comes to an end. Hey it’s all good Charles Barkley guaranteed Miami on the Dan Lebatard Show last week that “Dwyane Wade is not going anywhere next year”. Ok so it took some probing to get him to say it but all joking aside he did say that he was extremely confident that Dwyane Wade will stay a Heat player next year.

Steve Cochran II



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