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The New Big Three!!!

Are they going to get their own series of ESPN commercials like the past big three got? How small does the “old” big three look compared to Miami’s holy union? Real small, that’s how, really, really small and old. We now have in front of us a mighty, mighty force to contend with. One with which the affects will be felt for years to come. Lebron will no longer have to worry about his legacy because the championship he will earn with Miami will cement him in the minds and hearts of NBA fans worldwide. Am I thinking to big? No. You think Yao Ming is big in China or Gasol in Spain? Just wait for the rest of the world to catch on if they haven’t already.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I knew LeBron was going to come down to Miami. Well, I was only that confident moments before it actually happened when I finally put all the pieces together. Look at the facts. 1. All of the big three made a decision together to sign the three years deals they signed in order to create just this situation. 2. Last year in game 5 against Boston you could see a side of his face we had never seen before, utter despair. 3. When that same series ended he tore off his jersey in disgust in the tunnel before he could even reach the locker room. 4. Wade and Bosh announce on T.V. they are coming to Miami, proving to Lebron that they are willing to make this work. Even if it means taking less money.

This is not over though for Miami fan. Not even close. With both a fledgling baseball team and a somewhat lack luster football team we are not going to hear the end of this story till the roster is filled out or the next NBA season starts. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is still a football town through and through. I have the season tickets to prove it as well. (I wasn’t fast enough to get Heat tickets that were already sold out before Lebron made his “Decision”.) Who will play for the Heat next year? Who will take less money to play with the mighty three? Will we have to wait a year before we can win due to the fact we can’t play with the cap all that much this year? Where will Beasley end up? He can’t stay here right? How will Riley be able to pull off getting rid of him and his worthless contract? How many more questions can we possibly come up with before we lose interest?

Good times are ahead!!! Let’s Go Heat!!! Dos Minutos!!!

Steve Cochran II




  1. I think we are all a little to caught up in the moment, I am excited and it is great to get these players but this isn't the best big three of all time. I would take Jordan,Pippen and Rodman over these three any day. Frankly I think the Lakers group is more impressive still.

  2. No way. I hope you are joking me. Rodman? Rodman? Seriously? The Lakers will three peat this year but after that watch out!