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Showtime Heat

I have been told of the greatness of days gone by. It's hard for me to imagine though what it would be like to watch Bird, McHale, Magic, Abdul-Jabbar, Olajuwon, or Jordan live because I just wasn't alive or watching when they ruled the hard wood. I missed the golden era of basketball. But I'm told the stories and the memory of those teams live on through television and old timers. I'm told about the Showtime Lakers and how great and exciting of a team they were. I hear about the greatest power forward of all-time, Magic Johnson, being switched to point guard and dishing out 11 assists on average a night. The great Pat Riley was the master mind behind all this and has put himself in a position to do it all over again. Except that he won't be coaching and I won't miss the next golden age. If Chris Paul gets lucky enough to get out of his contract and gets himself traded to New York, we will be in a new golden era of basketball. All the major markets will have decent to great teams and the storied Knick franchise, arch enemy of the Heat, will be dragged out of irrelevancy.

Being now a few weeks after, "The Decision", we have seen some key pieces being signed and resigned. Biggest of all being Miami's own Udonis Haslem. For the second time in his seven year career he has turned down over ten million dollars to resign with the Heat. Not enough has or could be said about this guy to express how much he means to Miami. The next biggest athlete to take a little less was Mike Miller who is friends with and went to the University of Florida with Udonis Haslem. He is going to help stretch the floor for Wade, Bosh, and LeBron while they get their inside touches, outside touches or whatever else they want to do with the basketball. Žydrūnas Ilgauskas the long time running mate of LeBron in Cleveland, and a favorite of mine is down in South Beach as well to play the big man role we so desperately needed last year. Joel Anthony, Carlos Arroyo, James Jones, and Jamaal Magloire all resign and will play key roles. James Jones should see an increase in performance after that dreadful one he put together last year. I'm not blaming him though. It was a pretty awful team that was equally awful to watch and believe me when I say I saw two in person and forty or more on the tele last year. Mario Chalmers will benefit from all the increased talent levels on the team as well, even though he will most likely play off the bench as the Heat's number two point guard behind King James. On another note, I just read news from Shanxi, China that Starbury wants to play here for the "Dream Team" and out of an interview in Berlin, Germany Dirk Nowitzki said re-signing with Dallas was really his only thought, unless LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had asked him to join them in Miami instead of Chris Bosh.

So taking into account that Riles has his handprint all over this team and he has done it before, I believe we can expect to see a starting lineup showcasing LeBron starting at point like he did with Magic Johnson. It is not very farfetched at all to imagine this happening. LeBron is the best player in the entire world right now and is not considered a ball hog. In fact it is quite the opposite. He is known for giving up the rock and so far at this point in his career he already has an average of 7.6 assists a game. With LeBron playing point guard we can expect to see an astronomical offense.

This is how I expect to see the starting lineup looking like on opening day.

Center - Žydrūnas Ilgauskas - 7'3" monster from Lithuania who will clog up the paint and can step back and hit a pretty jumper.

Power Forward - Chris Bosh - 6'10" rebounding specialist who is always hawking around the basket.

Small Forward - Mike Miller - 6'8" shooting guard who can play small forward and will light teams up from the perimeter.

Shooting Guard - Dwayne Wade - 6'4" need I say more? No I shant.

Point Guard - LeBron James - 6'8" king. The new Magic Johnson. Win and in the eyes of the world he will be king to all except Cleveland fan.

Steve Cochran II



  1. I agree that we are entering another high time for the NBA. Except that I would say the one thing missing is the dominant center that really captures the imagination like a young Shaq,Wilt, or Russell.

  2. Clearly you hit it right on the head.