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New Look USA Basketball

Big subtractions from the U.S.A. basketball team will give Coach Mike Krzyzewski a challenge that he is more than used too. He is built for the turnover of players that occurs in college basketball and is perfect for the job again to bring together this new look team. Out go Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and everyone else. This new team won't have the any of the superstar talent it had in '08 but I have no doubt we will still be a dominate force in the international arena even starting from scratch. Also having Kevin Durant can't hurt.

While teams like France, Brazil and the rest of the world will be bringing back their star NBA athletes, we here in America have the talent pool to completely turnover the roster and still put superstars on the floor. The biggest additions of all being Kevin Durant who will be expected to put up big offensive numbers and Chauncey Billups who will be there for his veteran Leadership. That was the job formerly held on the '08 team by Jason Kidd. Kidd won't be playing on this team but has been brought back in a mentoring role and should be able to help coach 'em up. Danny Granger and Stephen Curry are two great young talents that I can't get enough of. Granger the more established of the two but Stephen Curry's rookie year last year gave everyone a preview of what's to come.

The biggest problem we will have to overcome is not the quality of our players but gaining cohesiveness in only two weeks and battling teams that have been together for a while in time for the FIBA World Championships. Also they will have to adjust to the rules of the international game which are going to take some time but no matter how we do in the world championships this should be a great team when the next Olympics roll around.

Steve Cochran II



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