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No Room for Hate

I am not the first nor will I be the last to be fed up and frustrated with hate. Hate is such a useless emotion. It takes too much energy and time to hate and people need to just stop. When something comes up in today's world and the race card is pulled for the most part people say it's unfounded to think race plays an issue and that racism is long gone and or only confined to the Deep South. If you believe that than you're either in denial, blind or lucky because racism is definitely still a part of this world and very prevalent in our society. When being employed by someone you usually have to take certain things you normally wouldn't put up with from friends or family. Because I am white, other white people feel free to spew their hate and vitriol toward blacks and Hispanics at me when none are around. That's where I draw the line in things I will take from someone giving me money. I'll take a lot from an ignorant customer including being schooled in how to do my job but when I hear hate pouring out of their mouths I tell them to stop and respectfully request they not use it around me again, even though they deserve no respectful request.

They used to be able to hide under white sheets and even when I reprimand a single person for using such language he or she still remain hidden from everyone's view. That's not the case in today's world. The media swirling around can make a person dizzy and keeps us informed of every bowel movement of our favorite stars. It's been a famous persons cross to bear having to be constantly gossiped about and followed around but now it is working in their favor. Lebron James retweeted to his thousands of followers a tweet he had received from an ignorant fool named Ryan Outrich from Strongville, Ohio. It said, "@KingJames continuation to my last tweet, u r a big nosed big lipped bug eyed n*gger, ur greedy, u try to hide ur ghettoness." By the way, just so you know he wasn't courteous enough to censor his words. It was immediately picked up by the media and passed on to me a few hours after it happened. Now these asses can't hide anymore and more and more we are going to see these ignorant fools being found out for who they are. Twitter immediately suspended Outrich's account but if you would like to send him a piece of your mind he is still on MySpace.

With the world closing in on everybody nobody has much privacy anymore. My friend showed me a free application she downloaded on her iPhone that allows her to track anyone by just entering their telephone number. Average people are making overnight celebrities much more often than ever before and this is all due our ever increasing interconnectivity. Hell, my television has Wi-Fi so I can check my Facebook on TV. Now we will hopefully see more overnight international idiot sensations like Ryan Outrich called out before everyone and make them feel shame for their stupidity and the hurt they cause. If they continue to go unchecked then they may never know how dumb they really are.



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