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Heat Playoffs Finally Here

Well this is the time we have been all been waiting for since well last summer, it is finally NBA Playoff 2011 time. We all know the regular season is a joke, it is such a marathon that us fans have to witness players coasting through the motions in at least a quarter of the games. Sure most teams get up for games against the best competition which the Heat didn't even do this season but they will in the playoffs for sure. It is unfortunate that this happens but no doubt James, Wade and Bosh and the rest of the Heat will be dialed in now and despite the disappointment of many fans the Heat still finished the regular season with the third best record in the NBA which isn't half bad. When you look at history the NBA odds are in favor of a Heat 2011 championship team, there is just to much talent like we all dreamed of this summer to expect anything else as in the NBA talent is usually what gets you titles not lucky runs or great team play or even the best defense as in some other sports.

If you look at the Heat's overall stats this season they are 8th in points per game and 6th in points allowed, while they don't lead the league in either category with the combination of the two they are the most balanced team offensively and defensively in the NBA. While many are afraid of the two great defensive teams in the East in the Celtics and Bulls which is warranted as these are two excellent foes this season the Heat have plenty of defense of their own so I am not as worried about that. To me it all comes down to the number of players a team has when everything else is a wash and the Heat have James, Wade and Bosh and that is more high level game changers than the rest can offer so I say the run of championships starts this season.


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